Hubert Kirrmann: Conducted Projects at ABB Corporate Research

High-Availability Automation Networks
Substation Automation Synthesizer (Synthy)
2003 Body-in-White Performance Tracking with Industrial IT
2002 Building Automation, Visitor Management
2001 Control Architecture for a hybrid micro-turbine.
Development for ABB Industry, Printing, of a new architecture for printing machines (customer MAN), 
development of the field bus interface (hardware, software and associated tools) between MAN and ABB parts of the control system
Application Subgroup Leader in the 5th European Telematics Application Programme (Transport Sector), 
definition of data communication over Internet to rail vehicles in collaboration with the Swiss NEPESM project. 
Expert in the European project EUROCAB-ETCS (DG IV): 
Definition and specification of the architecture for safe on-board data transmission in an heterogeneous environment with several European firms. 
Participation in the Train Communication Network of the International Electrotechnical Commission. Writing of the specifications, tutorials, engineering, project editor, technical advisor, Swiss representative in IEC TC9 WG22. 
1988 Participation in the Alphorn project (middleware based on Resilient Remote Procedure Calls): programming in Modula-2, documentation, tutorials. Collaboration with EPFL (LIT, Prof. Nussbaumer) on Manufacturing Messaging Specifications (MMS) 
1987 Specification of a new modular process control architecture based on multiprocessors (P216) for ABB Industry.
1986 PhD Thesis on fault-tolerant computing at ETH-Zurich 
(A Method for the Design of Embedded Fault-Tolerant Computers for Process Control and a Design Example)
1985 Development of a fault-tolerant controller for HVDC-power transmission control (Blackwater project), specification and hardware design.
1984 Specification of the BBC-proprietary parallel bus B448 for Industry and Grid Automation (still in use in protection devices and in drive control in 2002).
1983 Hardware-development of a tightly-coupled multiprocessor (POOLPO)
1982  Development of a Z80-macro-assembler for the CALM language in Pascal for EPFL.
1981 Participation in EWICS/IEEE Futurebus (IEEE 896) standardisation, specification of the serial inter-processor link. 
1980 Development of a small, Z-80/Mubus based computer for education in BBC (used in apprentice workshop). 
1979 Study of fault-tolerant architectures for Brown Boveri & Cie Industry (ESL)